Dorana Sylvia
Washington, D.C.

“I learned about you through your book ‘Life’s a Bitch…’ What a wonderful tool! I took my time reading it and took it very seriously. I was completely stuck in my career, and actually very sad. Imagine a grown woman crying every Sunday night because Monday’s approach. The job was not bad, I had the best coworkers…I was simply unfulfilled. It took me a total of 47 days to read your book and do all the exercises. After that, I committed to 15 days of pure ‘thinking’ about the things I had learned about myself with your help. Now, 7 months later, I have successfully transitioned careers. Not only that, I got the job for an additional $15k pay increase and have started a Masters degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology….did I mention that I love my job!? I got everything that I had written down as the ‘things that I want’ because I took this seriously.
You have a gift, thank you for sharing!”

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