What Others Say – Consulting


  • Sales executive

    “Learning these essential life skills is the best hedge against the uncertainty in the job market today. I recommend this service to anyone to be ready to make a change if necessary.”

  • Marketing executive

    “I made an investment in myself that is paying off in terms of improved skills, increased self-confidence and a high level of proactivity. Such profound personal growth has made me happier and 100 times more capable of coping with the significant personal transition I’ve undertaken. That attitude adjustment has made all the difference in what I’ve been able to accomplish since.”

  • Public relations executive

    “Through your support, I learned that although life has handed me lemons, I can be proactive and make lemonade. With your expert help in packaging me, I am highly marketable-a much stronger candidate than I thought I was.”

  • Career changer

    “I could never have figured out what I wanted to do and gone out to look for it without your help.”

  • Information Technology Officer

    “Your help paid for itself because I got a 20% raise, so I highly recommend your services to everyone I know.”

  • Nurse

    “Thanks, Andrea, for being a ray of sunshine in my life. You made my future look brighter through your knowledge and kindness.”

  • Therapist

    “I attribute my success at finding a job that I am very well suited for to the work we did together.”

  • Senior executive

    “You saved my life at a time when I was going through hell.”

  • Technical writer

    “You ask probing questions that helped me to uncover false assumptions and to separate what I think I want from what I actually want.”

  • New business owner

    “Starting my own business has been scary, and I wonder how I can be enjoying what is certainly a crazy, insecure venture, but I do love it. It’s trite to say, “I couldn’t have done it without you,” but I honestly feel that way!”

  • Financial professional

    “You have a real talent, nee, a genuine gift, for bringing out a person’s thoughts and then using that information to quickly get at the heart of the matter. After just two or three minutes with you, the floodgates of possible solutions as to what had been nagging at me for months, just opened. Not only do I have a great starting point to begin working on getting back to being my best self, it’s almost like the issues were solved when I walked out your office door. In addition I felt a sense of relief. You made me believe and realize I can use my talents to their full potential. It may sound corny but it’s true! Thanks again for helping me find the direction I have been needing.”

  • Attorney

    “You keep people honest; they can’t get away with fuzzy thinking.”

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