What Others Say About Andrea


  • Marketing manager

    “You helped me see the possibilities that I couldn’t see by myself.”

  • Executive

    “Andrea was able to take my complicated background and distill it down to a story that made sense.”

  • Art director

    “Andrea is so talented at helping people take the practical steps to get where they want to be. She has tremendous insight into helping people find their passions. She is a ray of sunshine with the knowledge and tools to assist people manage their lives and careers.”

  • S. S., Cleveland

    “I was laid off when I met Andrea and was about to start my own business and I honestly don’t know if I could have done it without her positive reinforcement and candid practical advice!”

  • S.M., Cincinnati

    “Andrea has helped my husband and me immeasurably during difficult times of our careers with amazing knowledge and wit. A fantastic combo! She is very sensitive with people and when we first met I was completely won over by her bubbly personality and keen interest.”

  • D.R., Ohio

    “After reading Andrea Kay’s books, I met with her and was so amazed at the confidence I gained from our sessions. She’s so attuned to others’ needs and feelings. She’s funny and enthusiastic. The confidence and knowledge I gained from Andrea inspired me to interview and negotiate for positions I previously felt I wasn’t qualified for. In the end I landed a job with a better company, making more money than I thought I would.”

  • N.E., Kentucky

    “When talking to Andrea Kay, something totally unexpected came. An insight into myself. She showed me things about myself that I did not see at all. It was like Andrea had known me for 25 years! Not only did she give me a path in the right direction, but the confidence I needed. Andrea provided much needed answers during a time in my professional life when I didn’t even know the right questions to ask!”

  • D.E., Ohio

    “How many people do you know that within a matter of minutes of meeting them, can give you the confidence and belief in yourself that turns your whole boat around? Andrea Kay is one of the few. I was lucky to meet her.”

  • Radio executive

    “The insightful work Andrea is doing touches people’s hearts and souls, gives them more control over their lives and offers hope for the future.”

  • Manager, Austin, Texas

    “Andrea helped me look at myself and the world around me. With her guidance, I landed the job I wanted within six months.”

  • Top sales associate for national company

    “When I left our company, my natural inkling was to go right back into retail. Didn’t want to but…it was in my ‘comfort zone’. What a disaster that would have been! You opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn’t considered. Thank you for your involvement in my life to help get me to where I am today!!”

  • Vice president of multi-national corporation

    “You’d be proud of my 360-degree feedback report. My team said I help them to stay calm and focused, I listen, I’m fair. Hmm, sounds like I got some great coaching.”

  • Susan S.

    “In addition to being highly skilled in your profession, you have the art of making one feel comfortable.”

  • Cincinnati Magazine 2002 “Best of the City” issue

    Andrea is “Cincinnati’s Best Career Counselor”

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