What Audiences Say


  • Rosemary Deitzer, Independent Meeting Planner Ohio Chapter, Meeting Professionals International

    “Andrea is one of the best speakers I’ve heard on career and workplace issues. She’s dynamic, straight-to-the-point, and inspires attendees to take action on their career goals. I highly recommend her for your event.”

  • Executive Director, Career Masters Institute

    “I have been 100% delighted with both presentations Andrea did for us. Her style is engaging, her knowledge is vast and her ability to build rapport with the audience is always exceptional.”

  • N. Hill, Executive Women International

    “I knew with you as our guest speaker our awards banquet would be a success.”

  • Career Masters Institute International Conference participant, Toronto, Canada

    “She is the perfect combination of energy, humor and charisma, offering intelligent insight with a sense of humor.”

  • C. Carey, Xavier University

    “Your presentation credited your audience with intelligence and dared to speak to them of philosophical concepts and human rewards other than money. You did just what we hoped you would.”

  • M. Hurtt, Financial Women International

    “You are truly a dynamic speaker and a great lady! I hope you’ll agree to come back and talk to us at a future meeting.”

  • W. Ashley, Hamilton County

    “Both groups were extremely positive about your training. Receiving such praise certainly speaks to your ability to communicate to a wide range of individuals. It was obvious that you took a great deal of pride in preparing… They were not ‘canned’ presentations that many presenters use. I’m certain that those individuals who were in your sessions are in some way a better employee today and that was our goal. Personally, I enjoyed the brief time that we worked together in preparing…to understand our organization, you had a unique way of asking me questions that made me question myself and my beliefs. I found that exchange very beneficial.”

  • Attendees at Cincinnati Editors Association program

    “Andrea, as always is a great motivator…Where was she when I was just starting out?…I’ve heard her before and I always learn a lot…Andrea’s presentation was clear, inspiring and very helpful…well worth the price of admission…”Thank you for the wonderful booster shot…”

  • Beth, California

    “I really listened to what you had to say and took it to heart and now work from a home office 75% of the time…happy to be out of the corporate and cube culture and have a better quality of life. It?s nice to feel that I have power to make a difference and will be valued (both monetarily and psychologically) for it. I truly feel this is my next step on my path and don?t think I would have realized this quickly how badly it was needed without your talk.”

  • Faith, attendee at National Association of Job Search Trainers conference

    Your sessions were by far the best I attended. You are an exceptional speaker and your enthusiasm, spirit and courage to speak your convictions was refreshing.”

  • Frito-Lay workshop participant

    “Informative, well prepared and adds a lot of personality and her own style.”

  • National Association of Women in Construction

    “Great presenter–clear, concise, knowledgeable and resourceful.”

  • Member, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

    “Your talk to our CEO Roundtable was insightful, well-organized, expertly and enthusiastically presented. Thank you for the wonderful job!”

  • Wright State University workshop participant

    “One of the best presenters I’ve ever come across.”

  • Professional Secretaries International

    “She’s confident and well-versed and shares practical, worthwhile information…cool as a cucumber in front of any audience.”

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