“Where to start search”

Dear Andrea:

I am a successful senior manager and concerned I will be required to take an international assignment to get to the level I aspire to. With my children in school, the timing is wrong. I have found a few headhunters on the Internet and countless websites. But I’m not sure where to start the search. Any advice for the first basic steps?
–Executive in South Carolina

Dear Executive:

First, make sure an international move is your only option. They may be willing to consider alternatives to keep you.
At the same time, it’s wise to be prepared. Start developing relationships with headhunters who specialize in executive positions for your industry. Ask other executives who they have worked with. Check out a book such as The Directory of Executive Recruiters that lists recruiters and a brief description of their services. But don’t rely on them solely. They not only don’t work for you (they’re hired by a company), they don’t know of every opening.
One of your most important sources for finding positions are your own colleagues. If you haven’t been keeping in touch, don’t wait another minute. Reconnect with people you’ve worked with before and executives you’ve met throughout your career. Tell them you’re exploring your next move and ask how they’ve landed new jobs. They might know of positions at their company or a colleague’s company-or one that may about to be vacant. There are many situations like this and no way of knowing about them unless you’re close with people in the company.

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