“Resume or cover letter problem?”

Dear Andrea:

I think my resume is getting me in trouble. When human resource people scan it, all they see are the five different companies I’ve worked for in the last two years and then toss my resume in the trash. I mentioned in the last cover letter that I am not a job hopper because I had not quit any of these jobs. It was because of many reasons, including the fact that I have been a temporary worker. Am I wrong to assume my resume is the problem?

Dear Worried:

I think your cover letter is definitely getting you in trouble. You create unnecessary problems for yourself trying to defend your employment record in a cover letter-especially with the wording you used. It makes me think you’ve had a lot of jobs because the companies got rid of you. Your cover letter should add to your credentials-not detract. Use it to point out accomplishments and specific experience you have related to the job you’re applying for.
Without seeing your resume, it’s hard to say if it’s adding to your woes. Try lumping your temporary jobs together by listing the temporary agency as the employer. This will cut down on the number of jobs you list.

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