“Juggling offers “

Dear Andrea:

I had interviews with two different companies recently and received an offer from one. When I checked back with the other company, they asked me to come back to meet the President. Even though the first offer is good, I want to talk to the other company to see if there’s an offer and to compare. The first company is in a hurry to fill the position and the second company can’t meet right away. How do I buy a couple days of time? I don’t want to lose the first offer but hate to accept it, then turn it down. Please give me your advice.
–Stomach in Knots

Dear Stomach in Knots:

You’re forgetting one important thing: The company that made the offer wants you. So they should be willing to give you what you want-which in this case, is more time. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.
Sure they want to fill the position as quickly as possible. And you want to make the right decision. They don’t want you to come on board then leave in a few weeks for a better offer. A couple days won’t make that much difference. If they refuse to give you more time, you can always accept, then decline later. It’s an option, but not one I’d recommend.
I’d get very clear on what kind of company you want to work for. Does that include one that’s flexible and wants the best for everyone? If so, and they rescind the offer over this issue, I’d re-think whether they were the kind of place you want.

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