“Job Schemes”

You’ve seen the ads for work-at-home schemes, multi-level pyramids and various ways to make thousands of dollars in 30 days. But do you actually know anybody who has?
The get-rich quick and cushy-way-to-make-a-living hounds are attacking in droves via e-mail messages, job fairs and posted signs that entice you as you sit at a stop light. Beware.
Many of these “jobs” will cost you money. You may have to buy the sales kit, manuals or videos–so you can start your own business or get licensed to sell financial products, for instance. Other companies are recruiting candidates for training courses–but you have to pay for the course. Some are scams.
You may also run into companies that charge to “place you.” My advice is not to pay anyone to “get you a job”–because no one can. Only you can do that.
The only services you should pay for are those from reputable businesses that can help you develop your resume, interviewing skills or job search strategy. If anyone, though, promises they’ll get you a job or something too good to be true, head the other direction.

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