“Going Back to Old Job”

Dear Andrea:

I realize I made a terrible mistake leaving my employer of eight years recently and taking a new job. I did not like the work I was doing and had to find something else. The people running this new company don’t know what they’re doing and co-workers only do the minimum. I could stay and have a secure job but what if the company goes to pot? Is it too late to go back to my old job?
–Safe but Sorry

Dear Safe but Sorry:

The mistake you made was to take a new job to get away from a bad one. So first, be clear about how you ended up where you are. And don’t make the same error by going back to something that wasn’t right.
Think about what was and wasn’t a good fit in your last position. If you liked the firm but your day-to-day work was boring, would you be happy there in a different position? It’s not far-fetched to approach the company about coming back. In fact, 90% of executives said they would gladly roll out the welcome mat for a valued former employee who left in good standing, according to a Robert Half International survey.
But even with a new job, if the old place isn’t where you want to be, don’t go backwards. You could end up safe with the devil you know, but just as sorry. Learn your lesson and look for a situation that you want, not just one that gets you away from what you dislike.

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