“Companies who hire”

When you hear that someone got laid off from their job at a particular company, you might be tempted to think that the company is downsizing, and therefore, not hiring. Most likely you’d be wrong.
It’s true that many companies are eliminating jobs. But even when companies eliminate jobs, many are creating new positions at the same time.
As you might suspect, many of the new jobs target technical types–at the salaried and hourly levels. But many are also hiring folks in sales, marketing, customer service and sales support.
This trend is important information for you to understand. For one thing, if you’re job hunting, when you create a list of companies you want to work for, you shouldn’t eliminate a particular firm from your target list just because they’re cutting jobs. Most likely, they’re cutting jobs that are obsolete or don’t fit into a restructuring. Two, if you can’t specifically show how what you do adds value, you may need to consider some re-engineering yourself.

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