Andrea’s Transition Coaching Services

Do you have an employee who’s just not working out?
You know you need to do something about it, but most likely, you’re hesitant. Perhaps they’re a key player or you don’t want to hurt the relationship. Yet every day, this bad fit costs you and your business.

What if you could offer this person:

  • A way to transition out of the company and back into the marketplace
  • A way to help them become re-employed twice as fast
  • The most effective, strategic tools they need in a job search
  • A trusted coach to help them through the emotional ups and downs of unemployment

Why it’s good business

  • Someone who’s a bad fit affects overall morale. Helping the person move on lets the rest of the company focus on their work.
  • Other staff will feel better knowing their fellow employee is getting help and you were supportive.
  • The departing employee will have more positive feelings about you and your company.
  • You’re helping the person become re-employed faster.
  • You save money.

Transition Coaching with Andrea Kay

  • Named Best Career Consultant by Cincinnati Magazine
  • Extensive expertise in working with employees in all levels of an organization
  • Author of five career books
  • Syndicated Career Columnist

For more information on how Andrea Kay can help you with Transition Coaching, Click here or call 859/781-2228.

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