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Counseling and Consulting Services for Serious People Who Want to Feel Excited About Going to Work

I help people get excited about jumping out of bed and going to work. My clients range from rocket scientists and cowboys who want to change careers to accountants and engineers who have trouble relating to people.  I help you cut to the soul of the matter, then help you create strategies to get what you want. I’ve worked with corporate warriors, writers, real estate moguls and millionaires and people who end up being CEOs, marketing execs, artists and successful entrepreneurs. I’ve helped financial managers, Hollywood producers and teachers discover new, satisfying careers who were willing to invest in their development and success. I am best at asking deep, intuitive questions and getting to the heart of the issue, clearing up your confusion, not letting you off the hook and supporting you 200% on your way to getting what you want. This service is for you if you are a professional who:

  • Wants to improve your present position or situation and develop a strategic career approach
  • Wants strategic interview preparation
  • Has been laid off and needs help figuring out next steps
  • Wants to be a more effective manager and leader
  • Wants to work on your personal development
  • Has my book, Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers and wants help as you go through the career change process
  • Has my book, Work’s a Bitch and Then You Make It Work and wants help as you work through issues
  • Is willing to invest in yourself and your career

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New Graduate Coaching and Career Guidance

I provide coaching and career guidance to new graduates who want to:

  • Be prepared for interviews with well-thought out, authentic responses
  • Make sure employers get a clear picture of what you can do for them
  • Understand how employers think
  • Zero in on what you may be doing or saying wrong
  • Be strategic in your career decisions

This service includes customized, personal career guidance and coaching.

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Outplacement/Transition Coaching

I offer customized and personal coaching to employees who are separating from their company and whose employers want to support them while they’re transitioning out of the company and back into the marketplace.

This service is for companies who want to:

  • Help the employee become re-employed quicker
  • Create more positive feelings between the employee and the company
  • Create good will among other employees
  • Keep productivity and morale up

If you are an employer with an employee who’s not working out or is separating from the company for any other reason, and want to explore a business solution that helps both you and the employee, click here for more information.

Coaching and Career Guidance for Executives

I provide coaching and career guidance to executives who want to:

  • Be strategic in their career decisions and actions
  • Be better leaders by becoming more aware of how their behavior and attitudes affect their ability to lead
  • This service includes customized, personal career guidance, coaching and development.

If you are willing to invest in your personal development and career success, click here.

All of these services require one-on-one meetings by phone or in person, homework and commitment.

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What Others Say

  • "Working through your exercises prompted me... The more I learn, the more excited I become... This is my chance!... This is it!! Sure, I could find another role...But to what end? I would be disingenuous to myself...So I have decided {to start) my business. I am 25% scared out of my mind, but 75% excited. I am eternally grateful that you and I had the chance to meet, connect and discuss my career when we did. Thank you, Andrea. Thank you for opening my mind and giving me the courage to follow a dream."

    --Corporate manager turned entrepreneur
  • "Thanks much Andrea! I'll not soon forget the day in your office (in 2006?) when I went from "I could NEVER be an entrepreneur" to "I'm a natural entrepreneur." A pivotal moment for sure. Thanks again!"

    --Scott Ledyard, Independent Contractor, Nerds on Site
  • "I come into a meeting with you in a fog and when I leave the fog has lifted and I know what I need to do to get to the next level."

    --Mary Beth, writer
  • "I was listening to NPR radio this morning and heard a woman talking about interview tips. I was making a mental check list and comparing it to my last interview when I realized it was you!…your tips helped because I got a job. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the company….I finally feel in charge of my career. It's very empowering to know where I want to go and be confident I have the skills to get there. Thanks for your help with that!!!"

  • "You make the world a better place! Thank you for your inspiration and generous spirit and energy."

  • "I can't thank you enough for your help in getting me to clarify my own thinking about what I really wanted to do."

    --Dan, senior executive
  • “...most of all you helped me rediscover what gifts I had to offer...recently I read a quote from Albert Schweitzer that elucidated that experience: ‘Sometimes your light goes out but is blown back into flame by another human being. You owe your deepest thanks to that person who has rekindled your light.’ You did that for me, Andrea, and for that I am most grateful.”

  • "As of Friday (June, 2009) I  am officially the VP of Sales & Marketing. I was successful in negotiating the salary I wanted and the overall package that I was hoping for.  I am grateful for your assistance along the way.  Our time together helped me to identify my skills and gave me the ability to verbalize my strengths in a very precise way.  Our talk last week helped me stay focused on negotiating the compensation package I wanted. I am thrilled to be a participant in the workforce again and I appreciate your help."

  • "Your facilitation skills are truly first-rate. My assessment of you on Day 1 was correct: you're the best."

  • "As an absolute fan of Andrea's, I can rest assured anything that woman does will be the best and the finest!"

    --Graphic Designer
  •

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