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You can’t conduct a job search from your computer

I noticed several people complaining on newspaper sites about one of my points in a recent column I wrote. My point was this: If you enjoy punishing yourself, stick to your If-I-send-out-enough-resumes-someone-will-want-me strategy. Because odds are great you won’t get a “Thanks,” let alone an interview when you answer ads that everyone and his brother is also responding to. I go on to say that instead, put on your best suit and sit yourself down in front of people where you can wow them in living color with how you can help them. But, how do you get in front of  employers when they only let you send them your resume? folks are complaining. Here in a nutshell is what you do: You target people (not companies) who you know and who know other people and you ask them if you can have a half hour of their time to hold a purposeful conversation about your career. You tell them about yourself. (See my Mini Must-Read in my e-Store called “A long, short and even shorter way to talk about yourself in Interviews & Networking” in the “Job Interview” category.) Then you ask good questions, ask for their advice and leave such an incredible impression and sense of what kind of problem solver you are so that: 1. They might consider you for their company if they need someone like you, 2. They refer you to others they know, or 3. They keep you in mind for the future. Bottom line: people hire people. And to anyone who says, “No one wears suits…” I say: Do you want to be memorable and stand out from your competition? Do you want to look professional? Dress like one.

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