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What Mayor Bloomberg can teach about biting one’s tongue

It seems as though NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been getting some coaching, according to those who’ve observed him up close. That is, he’s been getting tips on how to muzzle it. Known for “his trademark snarkiness” and lashing out–as described in a New York Times article–it looks as though someone has been coaching him on how to change his behavior–which is changing the image of him as somewhat insensitive and out of touch. Which is key since he’s running for re-election. The article quotes one of his advisers: “The path to a defeat is through those kinds of slip-ups or any combativeness on his part.”

The same goes for you in your career. If you don’t know how you’re coming across to others–or you’ve been told and it wasn’t so hot–better get some coaching. It can be your path to defeat. People get fired for this stuff. Lose out on great jobs. Lose their touch in leading others–if they ever had it. We’ll see how the election turns out for Mayor Bloomberg today.

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