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You’ll find advice in these articles on the most common dilemmas you face everyday on the job and in your career. Whether you’re moving up, changing careers or struggling with a situation at work, I’ve probably got advice for you. Click the topics below that interest you–and check back often for new ones. Click here to watch the Career Whisperer video podcast.

  • Bosses (18 articles)

    Hesitant to bring up new ideas to your boss? Does your boss treat you unfairly, ignore you, not appreciate you, meddle or just drive you nuts? Is your boss abusive or plain tough? You can assert yourself without getting in trouble–even give your boss constructive criticism-without getting fired. Learn how to take the lead.
  • Career Advancement (43 articles)

    Ever wondered why you’re not getting the promotion you deserve? Do you struggle with how to even ask for more responsibility or recognition? Do you wrestle with how to manage people from different generations? How well do you handle touchy situations? Do you inspire others? How well do you handle disagreements? Learn more about how to master these issues and others as you develop in your career.
  • Change Careers (51 articles)

    When something is nudging you to make a change, it might be time to investigate a career you've always dreamed about. Where do you start? Should you go back to school? Are you too old? How do you convince someone you can work in their industry when you've been doing something totally different for the past ten years or more?
  • 50+ (12 articles)

    Many more people over 65 plan to continue to work or never retire. Yes, discrimination exists for workers in the 50's and over. But some companies do seem to be wising up and see value in older workers' knowledge and work ethic. Discover why companies--and which ones--need you.
  • Get More Joy From Your Job (12 articles)

    Whether it’s saying what’s on your mind, sharing ideas, being courageous enough to give tough feedback, doing more than what’s expected or learning how to keep your cool when things get hot--learn how you control a lot more than you think and how that translates into more satisfaction in your career.
  • How to Have Work/Life Balance (22 articles)

    You’re not alone if you’re stressed to the max and struggling to cope with the pressure at work--and still have a life. Your company may even try to do things to help reduce stress. But mostly, it’s up to you to create a balance between your work and the rest of your life. Learn more about how to take responsibility for getting what you want out of your life with alternative work schedules, telecommuting, flex time and healthy habits.
  • Job Hunting (63 articles)

    If you’ve decided it’s time to move on to a new company (or didn’t have a choice), there’s a lot to think about. Where do you begin? If you’re tempted to scramble like mad to create or update your resume, hold on. How do you find jobs? Where are the good employers? Can recruiters help you? What about salary, references and cover letters? Learn about the job search process, what might be getting in your way and how to master issues you’ll face in the job search process.
  • Job Interviews (24 articles)

    The interview is not the place to “sell yourself.” The purpose is to explore if this is a company where you want to work, if this is a job you’d enjoy and if you’ve got what the company is looking for. Learn how to talk about yourself, your experience, the potential job and sensitive issues such as salary and past performance--so that you do make the best possible impression while exploring if the job is a good fit.
  • Manager's Dilemmas (15 articles)

    If you lead or manage people, you’ve got customers and clients to think about, strategic alliances to form, demands to deliver better quality, faster, teams to oversee–not to mention keeping your staff inspired. Get advice on how to get people to do things, what not to say in a memo and how successful leaders act and what they believe in.
  • New and Younger Workers (7 articles)

    Having trouble getting your first job? Is the career you’re in not what you expected? If you’re new to the workplace, looking for your first job or early on in your career learn everything from mistakes new graduates make to choosing or changing careers.
  • Parents and Your Kids' Career (4 articles)

    Some parents and schools are putting pressure on 13-year-olds to pick a college major. Other parents get so involved in their children’s careers, they turn into family affairs with moms and dads calling employers–even showing up at interviews. Here are other ways to be helpful.
  • Personal Dilemmas At Work (57 articles)

    If only you didn’t have to spend so much time in mindless meetings, answering e-mails, juggling demands from a fleet of bosses and trying to cover every base--then you could get some work done, right? And why aren’t they paying you what you’re really worth? Perhaps you’ve been discriminated against, harassed or unjustly let go from a job. See how your attitude and choices affect your career.
  • Women At Work (22 articles)

    If you’ve taken time off to raise a family or are just entering the market after working out of the home for many years, you’re probably concerned. Who will want you? Will they take you seriously? Where do you start? Or if you’ve decided it’s time to scale back your career, you may worry you’ll be left behind. You feel discriminated against, struggle with how to be yourself--without being misunderstood or taken advantage of. Get insight into how to master these dilemmas unique to women.
  • Work From Home Careers (6 articles)

    A career where you work from home may be right up your alley. Get advice on alternative work options, how to work from home with a spouse or partner, home-based businesses and how to know if working for yourself is a good fit.
  • Workplace Trends (37 articles)

    Some jobs are growing like crazy while others are becoming obsolete. How do figure out what’s what? What do the next 10 years look like? And if you moved in a new direction, would you have the right education and skills? Here’s insight into trends and how they translate into new jobs and careers.

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What Readers Say

  • "Pursuing my dream was by far the best move I’ve ever made. I would still encourage anyone to follow their heart and do what they want to do!"

    --Mike Lazaroff, attorney
    Butler, PA
  • "I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoy reading your column...I recently relocated back home to Hawaii after working in the hospitality/entertainment/media industry for nearly 17 years in Los Angeles. I am inspired many times when I read about the practical advice that you give..."

    --Reader in Hawaii
  • "Your article (on tossing out old tactics) is just the best!! As a recruiter for a national employment firm, I can't tell you how much I value your insight."

    --Reader in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • "I read your column most every week, but I just have to say this one [on being assertive to avoid being ignored] is especially well-researched and written, and highly, highly relevant to pretty much everyone in the job market today. Bravo to you for explaining not only how to try to solve this problem, but for giving insight into what causes it (i.e. the psychology behind the inaction) in the first place. I wish more career writers provided this kind of insight. Thanks for this super-useful information!"

    --Nancy E., reader in Cincinnati



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