Andrea’s Analysis Worksheet Sample Answer


  1. What is your problem?
    I can’t get my boss to sit down and give me the feedback I need. Even if I get an appointment, she cancels at the last minute when something else comes up.
  2. Why is that a problem? What troubles you about that?
    If I don’t know what she really thinks about my performance, I may not get a good rating, which could affect my bonus. Plus, I want to be considered for a more responsible position and need to know how I’m doing.
  3. How do you want this situation to be? If this problem were solved, what would the situation be like? How would you feel?
    I would like my boss to schedule and KEEP an appointment with me. I want her to close the door to the office, focus completely on me and not allow interruptions like cell phone calls or people who come knocking on the door. I want her to take my career development seriously. She would give me honest, constructive feedback and specific ideas on what I need to do to improve and where she thinks I excel. I would have the chance to tell her what I think about my performance and how I want to develop. The conversation would be give and take. I would feel comfortable with her and as if she were on my side and really cared about me.
  4. What’s stopping you from making that happen?
    I’m sick of making appointments that she keeps canceling so I haven’t called her secretary to reschedule. I’m also afraid she isn’t happy with me and maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to see me because I know she doesn’t like conflict.
  5. What do you need to do to make that happen? What needs to change? What do you need to ask of others? What do you need to change inside yourself?
    I need to not be afraid of what she might say and I may not like. I need to change how I look at negative feedback. Instead of being afraid and worry that I may look bad, I need to see it as a starting point for where I can develop into a better supervisor. That way, I won’t be afraid to make the appointment. I also need to tell her how important this is to me and how I would like her to make this issue more of a priority. My performance affects others’ success and therefore, this feedback from her is important to the success of our department. I need to convey that to her in a sincere, assertive way.
  6. Now that you know what needs to be done, what are you going to do?
    I’m going to write down a list of what I’m afraid of hearing from her and the worst thing that could happen if she tells me something really negative. Then, I’m going to practice what I want to say to her and call her or make a point of walking into her office to tell her why I need her to make this a priority. If all goes well, she’ll walk over to her secretary’s desk with me and make the appointment.

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